Tips for Online Journalism and Writing for an Online Audience

I recently wrote a post at my fashion blog which looked at tips for blogging. This post however will incorporate some of my original post but focus on the aspect of online journalism and writing for an online audience.

1.Poor Design and Layout:
For me (having undertaken web design and layout classes for work) I feel the number 1 let down for blogs and some websites is poor layout and design. Although you think it might look cool to have a bright sparkly background with different coloured text in different fonts and sizes across the page, trust me that this is a big web design no-no. The best layouts are those that are simple and minimalistic but aesthetically pleasing to the reader/shopper whatever your site targets.
Some good examples of news websites are ABC news which enables readers to focus on local news. Drop down menus such as those at the Courier Mail are also great for readability.
 2. Social Networking
Definitely one of the most important aspects of blogging or writing for an online audience is networking! There is sooo many ways to network and with the internet and google at your fingertips you cannot go wrong. If you don’t have a Twitter get on that bandwagon right now! It’s a great way to get exposure for your blog or news website.
Many established news organisations use Twitter as a quick way to disseminate information to the public. Use of links back to original stories means increased traffic for your news site.
3. Social Bookmarking
I use social bookmarking with every post I write and it usually brings me a few visits so it is well worth it. Some of the best ones to use are Digg, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz, and Delicious. There are many others but these are the main ones I use and the returns are endless. Not only that but it helps get your website into Google search which is where you want it to be!
4. SEO and Writing Good Blog Post titles and tagging
Write titles for your posts that will attract people in to read especially when you are first starting out. The more key words you use the easier it will be to find your blog through Google and other search engines. Tagging your posts is another important weapon in the SEO field as these tags can also be picked up by search engines and hence direct more traffic to your blog or website.
5. Write at least ONE viral post
Is there a topic or fad that is popular right now. Get on board and blog about that using your new fabulous SEO writing techniques. I recently wrote a post about Nina Proudman from Offspring as I love the show and the fashion but this post has gone crazy viral! If you type in Nina Proudman into any search engine now there will be my blog and its post about her style. It is crazy how many hits I have gotten and still get each day from a couple of posts I wrote about Nina’s style.
The same can be said with news posts- write about something controversial and be sure to have an opinion on the matter – ie new column style. This will attract people to your site and create conversation meaning more traffic and more search engine hits!

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