ScribbleLive: Is this the future of news?

Modern audiences want and need up-to-date news and information now. Not in 1 hour, not in 10 minutes but RIGHT NOW.

The demand for fast news and updates in technology have enabled live-blogging applications such as ScribbleLive to become a must have journalism tool.

ScribbleLive Website: Your broadband audience demands news, social media and user-generated content in real-time. ScribbleLive makes it easy for you to post/edit content and interact with audiences up-to-the-second. Turn your breaking news into live-feeds and stay relevant with every post.

Many online news websites are now utilising this online blogging platform to send readers up-to-date information by the minute. is currently as of this minute running a live blog via ScribbleLive to update Orlando (US) residents about the Hurricane currently in their midst.

Reuters has used ScribbleLive in the past to live-blog about the Japan earthquakes and the London Riots as mentioned in my previous post.

ScribbleLive is also compatible with other live-blogging platforms such as  twitter and gives user the ability to upload videos, images and voice recordings straight to the live event page. This enables readers to feel like they are actually there witnessing the even first hand which is an incredibly important tool for online news.

Here are some screenshots from the iPhone ScribbleLive app and what you can do:Overall I would say that ScribbleLive is a must have for any journalist especially those involved in online news. Although the app itself is free, it only enables you to create 1 live event, basically just to trial the product. News organisations would be better to pay for the full features and fully utilise this product to its potential.



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