Example of an excellent online story

I read news online every day as it is much easier for me to access and I prefer reading things online that are updated on a regular basis.

News.com.au although frustratingly annoying sometimes (especially when there are so many articles with spelling errors!) had a really fantastic and well written story today that I thought would be great to share on my blog as an example of good online news writing.

The original story comes from the Daily Telegraph, a reputable news source in Australia.

This story for me has everything I like to see in an online news story

  • images relevant to the story,
  • social networking images and or text,
  • links to similar stories
  • and the best part – a punchy must-read headline.

For me the headline is usually the standout. I will be captured by the short, under 25 words phrase which makes me want to read further or ignore the story and move onto the next one.

This particular stories headline said the following:

Australia’s next top controversy – size 8 model bullied for being too fat

Most women would automatically read on once reading the headline considering a size 8 is considered especially thin these days.

The story also had an image of the girl who was bullied looking very beautiful and thin to further enrage the target audience to read on.

Australia's Next Top Model contestant Alissandra Moone (from WA) was likened to "overstuffed luggage" by judge Alex Perry. Picture: Foxtel

The next bit of imagery was a tweet by famous Australian designer Alex Perry relating the comment he had made about the girl.

Nothing like throwing some wood on the fire.

The final reason for this story being an example of great online journalism is the links to other stories on the side. Normally I just ignore these but the layout and headlines encourage me to go on and read these stories.

This is the way its done people.


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