Will Apple Help Save Print News?

Apple’s release of virtual Newsstand has seen sales sky-rocket for online print.

Jeff Sonderman of Poynter points out that New York Times saw a massive increase in its app downloads the week Newsstand was released.

“Nearly one-fifth of the 9.1 million people who have ever downloaded the NYTimes iPhone app did so last week, with the launch of Newsstand.”

Downloads of the NYTimes apps for iPhone and iPad exploded the week that Newsstand was released. (Data courtesy of The New York Times)

National Geographic has also reported growth since Newsstand was released.

Sonderman says that the reasoning behind the jump is the discoverability and convenience of having all of the news publications from newspapers to magazines in one section where users can easily and quickly find what they need.

“Newsstand collects all your publications in one place, instead of scattering icons across multiple home screens. It also enables apps to download fresh content “in the background,” so it’s already there before a user opens an app.”

The user interface of Newsstand is also unique and enticing as it shows the user and empty bookshelf just waiting to be filled with magazines and newspapers. And we all know that no-one can stand an empty shelf!

An empty shelf waiting for magazines

An empty shelf waiting for magazines

Are physical Newsstands a thing of the past?

Once you have filled the shelves more empty shelves are added prompting you to buy more.

The majority of people no longer purchase newspapers and magazines from ‘physical’ shops and the rates will continue to decline as we move further into the future.

The convenience of not having to hold a paper whilst standing up on long train ride home is one of the driving points for apps like Newsstand.

See video below for how to use Newsstand:


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