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Disasters, Online News and Live-Blogging

The recent UK riots led a number of news organisations to “live blog” the events to the ever curious and worried public.

It is no longer the case anymore that you sit all day waiting for that 6PM news report or for the newspaper the next morning to get the most up-to-date news stories. Now, instead of waiting, people can access live reports online from their computer, phone, iPad and numerous other techno-savvy devices.

Reuters ran a live blog whilst the riots were happening to keep people up-to-date. The news was updated every few minutes using Scribble Live, which creates posts in the form of 140 characters per post (similar to Twitter).

The Scribble Live platform also allows people to comments on the posts which in turn creates an informed discussion about the disaster or event as it happens.

The live reports also contained links to the latest news stories about the riots which contained more detail. The “live blogging” is a definite must have for the time-hungry people of today and better to come from the professional media outlets rather than rumour mill on social networking sites.


Image courtesy of Reuters


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